One of a series of drawings for Angelica Carr,  CEO of Aim Business Coaching.

The illustration expresses how stress can be experienced by all members of staff,  at any rank or level,  during the process of M&A integration.

An illustration from one of a series of the Natural Capital Forum Top Ten Takeaways. I illustrated live at the event and was later asked to draw up outcomes from the various seminars ( more about the live illustration on my blog )

This is an illustration for Professor Roland Clift’s lecture, Seeing The Whole Picture. Professor Clift applies Chemical Engineering principles to environmental issues. He established The University of Surrey’s Centre for Environment and Sustainability.

Initially, I was required to illustrate at the event but things changed and I ended up working from home and taking notes from  live streaming on the IchemE Facebook page. It was nice to have the opportunity to spend a bit more time, add the colour digitally and create a more finished product.


An illustrated talk by Sarah Harper for Intelligence Squared on the subject of our ever increasing life spans.

Live illustration on the question of whether to make the Surrey Hills into a National Park. The text here is pretty much word for word as it was expressed by the speakers on the evening.

This particular event was only a couple of hours in length. It moved pretty fast and there was a lot to get down. I ended up adding a few missed bits the next day !





Some 5G innovations from The University of Surrey.