So what actually are you ?

I guess if I say I’m an artist it just about sums up everything.

You wouldn’t say you’re specifically an illustrator then – or a cartoonist?

Well, yes, I’m both of those things. I get commissioned to illustrate texts for books, my images appear on book covers and on websites, my art has been printed on t-shirts, on tote bags, paper cups and even made into vinyls for shop windows.

There is also an element of cartooning in what I do in that a lot of my work has humour behind it. Having said that, there can a darker edge too but the dark side only comes out if the commission requires it – and I almost always know exactly what the commission requires.

That’s a bold statement.

I have been doing what I do for around 25 years now so I suppose I have developed a good sense for what’s needed.

And who have you worked for ?

Clients have been refreshingly diverse and include Department Store For The Mind, Quarto Publishing, IPC Media, DK, ┬áSupafrank, John Brown Media, The Telegraph, Time Out,┬áPrivate Eye, ES Magazine, The Globe and Mail, Solicitor’s Journal and The Globe and Mail.

Do you always draw in pen and ink?

I love drawing in pen and ink. I’m just so at home with it. I love the way the split nib and the pressure applied causes the varying line width. I also really enjoy the fact that you’re always a little bit out of control if you use a dip pen. You never really quite know how things are going to turn out.

I have been doing some live illustration for workshops and talks at The University of Surrey, recently. I use marker pens or fibre tips in both of these instances. I also draw on screen which is quick and easy.

Do you do any other kind of work?

Yes, I create organic abstract designs which I sell as fine art giclees. They take absolutely ages to complete, sometimes months. This is because I do them in stages and put them up on the wall for weeks in between each stage. I find I need to do that in order to assess the composition and get it perfect. They are for sale here.